Thrumpton Primary Academy was last inspected by Ofsted in May 2014, and we were delighted to receive an overall judgement of ‘Good’.

Some highlights from the inspection are:

“Pupils enjoy each others company and work well together. They behave well and are keen to learn.”


  • the headteacher’s strong leadership and drive for improvement has been very successful. She is supported well by other school leaders and governors
  • pupils feel safe and well cared for at school. Their attendance is above average
  • teaching is good, with some that is outstanding
  • teachers have high expectations of what pupils can achieve. The activities they plan provide enough challenge for pupils of different abilities to enable them to learn well in lessons and over time
  • staff morale is high and there is a strong team feeling within the school. By working together they have secured significant school improvement
  • parents are supportive of the school and appreciate the pastoral and academic support the school provides for their children
  • pupils’ positive attitudes to learning help them to make good progress in all year groups. An
    increasing proportion of pupils are reaching above average levels of attainment in reading,
    writing and mathematics
  • reading has a high profile in all year groups. Those who find reading a challenge are provided
    with individual support to help them overcome their difficulties. By Year 6 pupils are reading a
    wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts for pleasure

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Ofsted Report May 2014