The Thrumpton Primary Academy day is structured as follows:

9am – Academy day begins

Doors open from 8.50am and close at 9am.

10.15-10.30am – Break time for all children

Pupils have a morning break. There is a large playground and a large field that allows children to get fresh air, spend time with friends and develop through these interactions. All play times are supervised by staff.

12-1pm – Lunch time

Reception and key stage 1 pupils have their lunch from 12-12.30pm, at which time the key stage 2 children are playing outside. From 12.30-1pm this swaps around, with our key stage 2 children eating lunch whilst the key stage 1 and foundation pupils play outside.

Children can either bring a healthy packed lunch or choose from our academy meals – these are prepared on site and paid for in advance. We use a cashless system for payment of meals called ‘Squid’ – details of this will be provided if your child is successful in applying for a place at the academy.

A wide range of playground games take place during lunchtimes, and our staff oversee these  activities to ensure all children are safe and happy.

2.15-2.30pm – Break time for children in years 1-3

3.30pm- End of the academy day

Staff see out pupils at the end of the day, unless children are attending one of our wide range of after-school clubs.