Membership of Academy Committee (AC)

  • All governors attend Academy Committee meetings
    Remit: To ensure the best possible education outcomes are achieved by all students in the academy and to ensure full financial regulatory compliance and the most efficient use of all income and resources across the academy.
RoleGovernor in post
Chair of GovernorsMr Stephen Wilds
Vice Chair of GovernorsMs Morag Malcolm
Executive PrincipalMr Gareth Letton
Principal for THPAMrs Rebecca Hurley
Principal for BLPAMrs Helen Cawkill
Member nameType of governorAppointedEnd of termSpecific /Additional Role[s] /PT Membership
Mr Alastair MurrayAppointed12/12/201811/12/2022Link Governor health and safety
Mrs Amanda PalfreymanStaff08/12/201807/12/2022Link Governor: admissions
Mrs Christina WylesAppointed27/06/201926/06/2023Link Governor: safeguarding and safer recruitment
Mrs Elizabeth FarrarAppointed27/06/201926/06/2023Link Governor: pupil premium
Mrs Fiona SimpsonAppointed18/06/201917/06/2023
Mrs Jane GawthorpeAppointed25/09/201824/09/2022Link Governor: SEND
Ms Morag MalcolmParent23/09/202022/09/2024Vice Chair of Governors:
appointed from 02/12/2020 - 03/09/2021
Link Governor: EVC and admissions
Miss Natalie WardStaff20/10/201719/10/2021
Mrs Rebecca MarshallAppointed09/10/201908/10/2023Link governor: complaints
Mr Simon BakerParent09/10/201908/10/2023
Mrs Siobhan WillowsParent26/01/201925/01/2023Link governor: admissions
Mr Stephen WildsAppointed10/12/201909/12/2023Chair of Governors:
appointed from 02/12/2020 to 30/09/2021

Declarations of interest: pecuniary/business

Member nameName/nature of pecuniary/business interest declaredType of business
Mr Alastair MurrayG Mudford and Sons LTDMarquees
Mrs Amanda PalfreymanMember of staff at Diverse Academies Trust Club Secretary and Executive Committee Member of Retford Swimming Club
Mrs Christina WylesNo external business interest declared
Mrs Elizabeth FarrarBishop Grosseteste University
Co-Opted Governor at Queen Elizabeth’s High School
Mrs Fiona SimpsonTreasurer for 7th Retford Scout GroupCharity
Mrs Jane GawthorpeNo external business interest declared
Ms Morag MalcolmSelf-employed
Co-chair Friends of Bracken Lane (PTA)
Miss Natalie WardNo external business interest declared/ member of staff
Mrs Rebecca MarshallVolunteer at Safe Families UKCharity
Mr Simon BakerNHS HealthcareNHS
Mrs Siobhan WillowsNo external interest declared
Mr Stephen WildsNo external interest declared

Senior leaders/staff who contribute

NameName/ nature of pecuniary/ business interest declaredType of business
Mrs Rebecca Hurley
Principal at Thrumpton Primary
No external business interest declared/member of staff
Mrs Helen Cawkill
Principal at Bracken Lane Primary
No external business interest declared/member of staff
Mr Gareth Letton
Executive Principal
No external business interest declared/member of staff
Mrs Tracy Blacknell
Vice Principal
No external business interest declared/member of staff
Mrs Rhianne Chambers
Clerk to the Governors
Member of staff at Diverse Academies
Member of staff at Hillcrest Early Years Academy

Members who resigned/ end of term during previous 12 months

Full nameDate of appointmentDate of resignation
Mr David Perry01/09/202024/03/2020
Mr Michael Storey25/04/201724/03/2020
Ms Claire Staley08/05/1617/07/2020
Mrs K Merrills26/08/1614/09/2020
Mr Richard Morton28/03/201805/11/2020

Attendance at meetings of Local Academy Boards and Portfolio Teams

NameMeetingAttendance Record
Academic Year 2019/20
No. in year*
Attendance Record
Academic Year 2019/20
No. attended*
Mr M StoreyBLPA Academy Committee Meeting33
Mrs C WylesBLPA Academy Committee Meeting33
Mrs S WillowsBLPA Academy Committee Meeting32
Mrs M MalcolmBLPA Academy Committee Meeting33
Mrs E FarrerBLPA Academy Committee Meeting33
Miss N WardBLPA Academy Committee Meeting33
Mr R Morton BLPA Academy Committee Meeting33
Mrs R MarshallBLPA Academy Committee Meeting32
Mrs K MerrillsTHPA Academy Committee Meeting44
Ms C StaleyTHPA Academy Committee Meeting44
Mr S WildsTHPA Academy Committee Meeting22
Mr A MurrayTHPA Academy Committee Meeting44
Mrs F SimpsonTHPA Academy Committee Meeting44
Mrs J GawthorpeTHPA Academy Committee Meeting43
Mr S BakerTHPA Academy Committee Meeting43
Mrs A PalfreymanTHPA Academy Committee Meeting44

*Please note meetings ended in March 2020 due to COVID-19