Children in year 1 have been learning the importance of looking after their environment and community with a litter picking trip around Goose Moore Park.

On Monday 15 May, our children became ‘eco warriors’ venturing out of the academy and into the community to pick up litter on a trip designed to support their learning in science, looking at what materials are made of, and testing their map reading skills in geography.

They worked in teams to explore Goose Moore Park looking for anything that may have been dropped that could have a detrimental impact on the environment. This lesson reinforced the importance of disposing of litter thoughtfully, but also inspired pride in the children as they could see the big impact they can have on their surroundings.

As part of our forest school sessions we focus on caring for the environment, and it is clear that this is helping to develop a generation of people who care deeply about the local wildlife and the ecosystems that support them.

The children had a great time as well. Olivia said: “I love that we helped the animals to stay safe”, whilst Lockie celebrated the success of his team, “We are the best team and I found loads of litter”. Teacher Jess Bolton, who organised the session, said: “I am incredibly proud of the year 1 children for being positive role models within our community. They took responsibility for making their local park a cleaner and safer environment, for not only themselves, but for others too.”

As we continue to endeavour to be positive role models in the community, and create opportunities for our children to lead by example, we have purchased litter picking equipment for future trips. It is safe to say that the children are very enthusiastic about using these litter pickers whenever the opportunity arises!

Well done year 1!