On 7 May, a lucky group of Thrumpton pupils had the exciting opportunity to visit the Diverse Academies head office and meet our CEO, Chris Pickering. The children were invited to the Diverse Education Centre to see their work displayed in Mr Pickering’s office and to find out more about how the trust is run.

The children were treated to snacks and drinks while they chatted to Mr Pickering about their aspirations for their futures, what the role of CEO involves, and how the trust supports their teachers in the academy. They also met other members of the Diverse Academies team and found out all about what it’s like to work in human resources and marketing, before having a tour of the building.

Mr Pickering said, “I thoroughly enjoyed meeting our Thrumpton pupils. They were attentive and curious and we had a very interesting talk about their own career aspirations. The work they have produced for my office wall is outstanding, and they should be very proud.”

Thank you to Mr Pickering and the Diverse Academies team for a fun and informative morning – the children found it all fascinating and were very excited to see their work displayed.