At Thrumpton, we believe that it is important for children to develop a wide range of skills and have a range of experiences. Academy clubs may be run by staff or external providers and vary throughout the year. Football and cricket clubs run during the lighter evenings and we participate in local competitions. We are always looking for opportunities to develop the range of opportunities we have available.

Zumba (key stage 2)Monday3.30-4.30pmHallMiss Ducksbury
Netball (years 4-6)Wednesday3.30-4.30pmOutsideMrs Johnson and Mrs Padgett
Gymnastics (key stage 1)Wednesday3.30-4.30pmHallRetford Oaks Academy
French (key stage 1)Wednesday3.30-4.15pmFoundation 2Mrs Bell
Choir (key stage 2)Thursday3.30-4.30pmHallMrs Roberts
Art (key stage 1)Thursday3.30-4.30pmClass 1Mrs Bray